April Flour

Basketball championships, Passover, Easter and Administrative Professional's Day, all this month! We've added a savory bread that will fit any of these occasions (well except for Passover): Tuscan Mozzarella Swirl, available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this month, is reminiscent of pizza but in bread form.

On the sweet side...

We've brought back Lemon White Chocolate Scuffins on Thursdays, and on Fridays, we're introducing a yummy Cookies 'n' Cream Bar! And on Thursdays look for our new Jelly Bean Cookies, perfect for Easter baskets.

For Passover

You won't need bread, but stock up on Macaroons (Chocolate Cherry or Orange Almond) and Flourless Fudge Bars! We'll be making plenty, but consider placing an order because we do sell out.

For Easter

Our adorable Honey Whole Wheat Bread Bunnies (and their eggs) will start being born by mid-month. (And you know what happens when bunnies get together!) . . . so there will be lots of baby bunnies eager to hop into Easter baskets! We'll make extras, but we suggest placing an order for Easter. Look for our delicious, fruited Hot Cross Buns on Thursdays all month. And on Fridays, we'll have braided, iced Easter Ambrosia. The week of Easter, we'll have these and our buttery Virginia Rolls Thursday - Saturday.

Administrative Professional's Day

This under-celebrated day is on Wednesday, April 23 this year. Let us help you honor these invaluable folks with fresh-made gifts!

Come on in for a free slice, 'cause you know we love to feed ya!!!

Serving Suggestions

If you've spent any time with Janet she's probably told you about her favorite quick, easy & nutritious breakfast: toasted Cinnamon Raisin Walnut bread with all-natural peanut butter! We like Cream-Nut brand PB (available at both bakeries in Creamy or Crunchy), but any brand with no added sugars or oils will work just as well!